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Top 10 Tools for successfully marketing your home!

10 Key Components to Selling Your Home: 

1. Employ a real estate expert

A crucial step is to choose a real estate expert who would assist you in selling your home and help you comply with all procedures, timelines, and disclosures.

My Home Group represents one of the top & fastest growing brokerages in Arizona!  With exceptional skills, experience, and industry knowledge, My Home Group uses the most innovative technologies currently available. They offer ultimate privacy and security, speed, and efficiency. Their years of full-time experience have given them a clear understanding of the mindset of home buyers and sellers and a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace. With the same purpose and dedication, I will always communicate and explain the process as we go.  It is my firm belief that solutions start with communication. Something very simple like answering the phone.  If no one answers the phone when you call, who will answer the phone when a prospective buyer calls?

2. Make it attractive

Clean, paint and make necessary repairs to optimize the value. Your agent will be able to help with suggestions and even staging if necessary. 

3. Price efficiently

If you price your home excessively high it will lessen the interest of most buyers. You should keep in mind that the price is determined by the home selling market. Your real estate agent will have the tools and information to help you with a target list price.

4. Marketing

For selling your home quickly exposure is an important factor. Professional photos, print ads, internet, open house, yard signs, brochures, MLS and more. Your listing agent will handle this step!

5. Offers

There are many conditions and terms that could influence the offer. Is the buyer pre-qualified? Who pays for the home inspection? If multiple offers exist, your agent will be able to clearly and thoroughly explain the differences. The listing agent will help you navigate and understand the offer.

6. Home Inspection

When the offer is accepted the potential homebuyer will probably request a home inspection. The buyer pays for this.  After the home inspection(s) is complete, the buyer may issue a Buyers Notice & Sellers Response form, asking for certain repairs. Your agent will help navigate through this process.

7. Appraisal

The mortgage company will request an appraisal which is a supported value of the property. The buyer pays for this cost.

8. Buyers Financing

Your Listing agent will ask for updates from the buyers lender to make sure they will remain qualified to buy your home throughout the process.

9. Final Inspection

When you have moved out it's time for touch ups and any required cleaning. Generally a final inspection by all parties is done 3-5 days before closing.

10. Closing

Closings normally happen 30-45 days after the signing of the sales agreement. During closing, a signing appointment is made for all parties, all funds are gathered, any existing liabilities are paid off, the deed is handed over and insurance for a free and clear title is issued.

Closing day ( also known as recording day) is a day to CELEBRATE! You receive your net proceeds from the title company and your listing agent delivers the keys to the buyers agent. Time for new adventures!

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